About Us

Rehab Masters is committed to provide high quality in-home rehabilitation services to individuals who are elderly, sick and medically needy. We organize, coordinate and deliver a comprehensive, conscientious and cost effective service that includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and medical social work using the most advanced technology available in health care. In addition, we are committed to promote and enhance community health through education and special programs.

Our philosophy is grounded on the following values:

  • We honor and respect each of our patients and their families by providing them with compassionate, honest, reliable and individualized care
  • We consider a holistic approach to care by focusing on each level of the physical, social and emotional areas             
  • We recognize our responsibility to the home health care industry by practicing the highest level of ethical standards. We are also aware of the current upheaval of the health care system by being flexible and creative to any changes that may occur.
  • We regard an efficient management of our resources by being vigilant in the execution of our assets.


      • To provide high quality and comprehensive in-home rehabilitation care in a cost-effective manner
      • To develop patient’s plan of care according to his/her unique physical, physiological, and psychosocial needs
      • To ensure appropriate documentation of services
      • To promote and support a teamwork approach for total patient care by developing creative partnerships and alliances To care for our therapist as they care for our patients by retraining and empowering talented therapist and provide them with unique business resources and opportunities
      • To invest in new technology and services to meet our customers’ changing needs
      • To be above reproach in our ethics and have zero tolerance for any abuse or fraud
      • To sustain a company culture that enriches lives, rewards contribution and inspires loyalty

The corporate office is located in Dallas, Texas. Rehab Masters, Inc. provides services in the state of Texas to patients and clients from all territories of Dallas, DFW, and .

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